Is a deep state of awareness devoid of judgment, expectations or distractions;

identify’s and diminishes the root cause of fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs;

is outwardly focused which enables a deep connection with anyone.


Is the process of bringing attention to the present moment for personal wellbeing;

treats the symptoms of dis-ease instead of addressing its cause;

is inwardly focused which can limit the ability to connect with others.

PRESENCE takes Mindfulness to the Next Level within 60 Seconds.

PRESENCE practitioners
benefit by:

  • The ability to enter a state of Presence in 60 seconds or less.
  • Replacing “performance” with Presence for greater job productivity.
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs that restrain employees’ full potential.
  • Diminishing fears and overcoming disempowering habits.
  • Dynamically handling workplace conflicts for greater team collaboration.
  • Not taking anything personally which helps quell corporate politics.
  • Boosting Mindfulness’s impact on productivity and job satisfaction.

What is the PRESENCE Protocol?

The PRESENCE Protocol is an intensive six-hour experiential workshop designed to transform identification with mind/ego into a high level of non-egoic awareness called Presence.

This profound and sudden shift in worldview provides a powerful and effective framework in which to identify the ‘why’ behind one’s fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs.

Through Presence, employees are then empowered to diminish or eliminate them thus greatly enhancing their productivity and job satisfaction..